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Keep it local this holiday season and give the gift of beer!

Fight For Your Right To Barley t-shirt Rock this Beastie Boys inspired tee to show your true beer fan spirit. Vintage tee from American Apparel is super soft and matches perfectly with the antique font used on the shirt.

Fight For Your Right To Barley shirt


$5 Vintage Beer shirt You order, we send you a shirt. You don't know what it will be, but you will know it will be cool because it will be a badass vintage tee from our existing stash of 12oztees.

$5 Vintage Beer shirt


C.R.E.A.M. shirt We all know Wu-Tang was really talking about their barrel aging program.

C.R.E.A.M. shirt


Fellowship of Beer Travelrs shirt Beer + Travel = Awesomeness

Fellowship of Beer Travelrs shirt

No longer available

Women Enjoying Beer shirt Because the ladies love the lagers too. Back has an identical logo that is a mirror image.

Women Enjoying Beer shirt


Brooklyn Beer Making Kits (1-Gallon) Brooklyn Brew Shop's apartment friendly Beer Making Kits make it easy to bring brewing out of the garage and into the kitchen using only fresh, whole ingredients and traditional methods used in homes and breweries for centuries.

Brooklyn Beer Making Kits (1-Gallon)


Beer Craft: A Simple Guide to Making Great Beer This kitchen manual has everything you need to turn your stove into a small-batch, artisanal brewery.

Beer Craft: A Simple Guide to Making Great Beer


Great American Ale Trail Author Christian DeBenedetti has traveled across the country to find the worthiest beer destinations, from major breweries to tiny farmhouse startups.

Beer Craft: A Simple Guide to Making Great Beer (Kindle)


The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Third Edition Charlie Papazian, founder and president of the American Homebrewer's Association, presents a fully revised edition of his essential guide to homebrewing.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Third Edition


Beer Is Proof God Loves Us: Reaching for the Soul of Beer and Brewing The most compelling social history of beer ever written: where it came from, where the brewing business stands now, and what the future holds.

Beer Is Proof God Loves Us book


Upcycled Beer Box Notebooks Love beer and love being organized? These notebooks are handmade from used six packs.

Upcycled Beer Box Notebooks


4-pack Holiday Cards w/ envelopes Let's face it, us beer geeks know the real reason for the season. Whether it's a roasty porter or a spicy christmas ale, we always add a little something extra to the festivities.

Holiday Cards


The Venn of Beer | Poster Where malt, water, yeast, and hops meet, magic happens. 18"x24"

The Venn of Beer | Poster


Screenprinted Brew poster IYou will be amazed by the bold colors, contrast and detail captured in this large 18" x 24" limited edition print.

Screenprinted Brew poster


The Many Varieties of Beer poster This poster has become an instant classic in the beer community. Each poster is hand-signed by the artists and numbered from the master edition. (18in. x24in.).

The Many Varieties of Beer poster


Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Growler For the serious craft beer lover. This double walled stainless steel growler will keep your beer cold for days. An air tight seal cap keeps the contents carbonated and the opaque exterior prevents light from skunking your beer. From personal experience I can say this growler is legit.

Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Growler


Beer Tasting and Hops Appreciation Kit Learn how to savor beer aroma and flavor with this complete hops kit, one of the greatest and most enlightening beer gifts - ever.

Hops Appreciation Kit


33 Beers Tasting Journal The easiest way to record your beer conquests. Each pocket book contains room for 33 beers (99 beers in all).

33 Beers Tasting Journal

$9 (3-pack)

Spiegelau Beer Connoiseaur Glass Set Each glass in the Beer Classics collection is designed to enhance a specific style of beer and maximize their appearance, aroma, taste and mouth feel.

Spiegelau Beer Connoiseaur Glass Set


Beer Tasting Tool Kit: How to Choose and Taste Beer Like a Brewer Fun way to discover the nuances of artisan beers from lagers and ales to porters and stouts.

Beer Tasting Tool Kit


Grow It Beer Hops Kit This fantastic box contains everything you need to grow your own hops!

Beer Hops Growing Kit


Draft Beer Hop Back Randall Infuse intense hop flavor into any beer right before it's served by filling the 10" housing with your choice of hops, fruit, berries, pepper

Draft Beer Hop Back Randall


Moleskine Passion Journal Beer An indispensable companion in which to note, record and organise a passion for beer.

Moleskine Passion Journal Beer


Tap Handle The perfect gift for a homebrewer, a handcrafted, urban salvaged hardwood taphandle. Each Handle is shaped based on the qualities of the piece of wood that it comes from.

Tap Handle


Double Tap Kegerator Give the gift of freely flow craft beer. Kegerators are a space saving way to have craft beer on tap at home.


$360 -$600

Teachings From the Tap: Life Lessons From Our Year in Beer After nearly 20 years of visiting breweries as a hobby, Merideth Canham-Nelson and her husband Chris embarked on their most ambitious adventure yet: a year-long journey discovering the world through beer culture. Aiming to fulfill their fantasy of becoming professional beer travelers, the couple spent a year visiting a major beer event or destination each month.

Teachings From The Tap


Portland Beer Tour Tours are ALL INCLUSIVE and provide transportation to and from Portland's award winning breweries as well as smaller, upcoming breweries, a sit down lunch pairing beer with food, a tour of the brewing facility, beer 101, tasting 101, trivia, fun and more!

Portland Beer Tour


Beer Box Luggage Tags The cardboard is wrapped in a clear vinyl and sewn onto a black vinyl backing. The back side has a clear pocket big enough to hold a business card or any other form of ID. Custom orders welcome.

Beer Box Luggage Tags


Reusable Bottle Protectorh Extra Thick Plastic Lining, Heavy Duty Protects beer while traveling in luggage. Seal ziplock closure. Fold over Velcro flap to secure the bottle.

Reusable Bottle Protector


Brewery Map iPhone app Find a new brewery to visit near your home town or wherever you happen to find yourself. View ever expanding information about breweries and their beers! Over 4,100 breweries.

Brewery Map iPhone app


Beer Box Wallets The outside is covered in a clear vinyl and the inside is lined with a black vinyl making it water-resistant and durable! Custom orders welcome.

Beer Box Wallets


Grain Bag Carriers Bags and beers carriers hand made from recycled grain bags by CRAP (Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project)

Grain Bag Carriers


Brewheads Mash Paddle snap back cap A classic hat style featuring a snap closure on the back to allow for one size fits all. This hat features the mash paddle seal with puff embroidering.

Mash Paddle snap back cap


Beer Box Headband The cardboard is covered and wrapped in a clear vinyl. The back is lined with a black vinyl. Custom orders available.

Beer Box Headband


Growler Crate The solid acacia-wood construction and individual compartments ensure your growlers a snug, spill-free journey wherever your beer takes you.

Growler Crate


eco2SYSTEM Carbonator Starter Kit by Pat's Backcountry Beverages Pat's Backcountry carbonator bottle allow syou to carbonate any beverage, anywhere. Homebrewer's can couple all hydrometer readings with an organoleptic test so that you truly know where your beer is heading. Make conditioning and carbonating decisions based on a pint-sized, carbonated taste test. Perhaps best of all… you can enjoy a pint of your beer as you bottle it. Kit comes with bottle, activator pouches, and soda pouches. Beer packets coming soon.

Carbonator Starter Kit


Beer Magazine subscription Keep the beer lover in your life up to date on everything beer for a year.

Beer Magazine subscription

$20 - $40 a year

Holiday Themed Beers The only thing better than beer and the holidays is holiday themed beer.

Holiday Themed Beer

Prices Vary by Bottle

Ken Burns Prohibition Documentary Any craft beer lover would love this DVD set that explores the history of America's "noble experiment".

Prohibition Documentary by Ken Burns (3-disks)


Beer Wars documentary A contemporary David and Goliath story that takes you inside the cutthroat world of the big business of American beer.

Beer Wars DVD


My Other Coffee Is A Beer We all know what the beer lover really wants to start the day.

Beer Lover's Coffee Mug


Rogue Brew Shoes Rogue Brewing Co's Brewshoe moccasin, with its laidback spirit and rich leather construction, is the latest well-received iteration of the classic tennis shoe tradition.

Rogue Brew Shoes


Brew Heads iPhone backplate Mash paddle pattern with BrewHeads logo etched out of stainless steel with black enamel filling. Simply peel and stick to the back of your iPhone.

Brew Heads iPhone backplate


Work Beer pint glass Support the Work Beer movement by becoming the owner of the hardest working beer glass. For a job well done.

Work Beer pint glass


Free Beer Movement scarf If they love craft as much as they love soccer they should own this scarf and support the Free Beer Movement.

Free Beer Movement scarf


Libbey Craft Brews Beer Flight 6-Ounce Clear Pilsner Glass Set, 5-Piece This Craft Brews beer flight set is excellent for sampling small quantities of a variety of different brews. It’s great for parties or times when you only want a small glass of beer.

Beer Flight Set


Beer Tourist shirt If you are going to be a tourist, might as well be a beer tourist.

Beer Tourist shirt


Moustached Beer Mugs For the whimsical beer drinker in your life.

Moustached Beer Mugs


Hop candy Beer candy? Yep, we did it. Made with real hops and real sugar. Consider it cheating - enjoying the floral and piney bitterness of hops without actually getting drunk.

Hop candy


How Beer Saved The World Did you know that Beer was critical to the birth of civilization? Or that it played a crucial role in the building of the pyramids, the founding of America, the industrial revolution, and advancements in medicine. That s right - Beer.

How Beer Saved The World


Beer Bottle Wrapping paper